Nautic Manager

Nautic Manager is the vertical solution ZeroWorks carried out entirely by the management of fleets of rental boats. This application has been made and developed with the latest technology from Microsoft application development. Net on the database engine to Microsoft SQL Server.

Nautic Manager with the reservation process and fleet management is greatly simplified, no more updating spreadsheets. With one click you will have access to all information of a boat rental price and availability on certain dates.

The fleet management is greatly simplified with Nautic ZeroWorks Manager, the management models enable the maintenance of the ships of the same model as the shared information is entered only once. In this way the management of rental rates is greatly simplified. Specify any application unavailable due to breakage or otherwise not allowing the car.

Calculated with a click the availability and price of a boat in the date range you want. Streamlines, thus managing your business by offering customers the information they want in less time and without reservation possibility of duplication or erroneous prices.

Manage rental rates per type of vessel in a clear and simple. Enter the lease rates for date ranges can take the number of annual fees that you want for each boat model. You can also specify a default rate if the dates do not match a particular range of dates.